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Our Company has a powerful and extensive team throughout Iran in order to gain the trust of customers to experience a safe purchase.

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Having decades of experience, Roseland Trading Company is one of the leading companies in the field of machine-woven carpet production in the Middle East. The company uses the best machine-woven carpet fibers (100% acrylic polymer) and utilizes machines such as VTR, CRT, CRX and ASR, which are the best and most high-tech machines in the weaving industry. It produces and supplies high-quality and first-class carpets. All products of this company have a warranty, insurance and label on the back of the product in order to show the identity of the carpets, and a great variety of products, the stylish models, excellent design as well as orderly texture has made Roseland an exquisite choice in this industry worldwide.

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Our Company has a strong and extensive team throughout Iran in order to gain the trust of customers to experience a safe purchase.

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