Embossed flower carpets (reeds1200)

Machine-Woven Carpet

Roseland Trading Company is the largest manufacturer of machine-woven carpets in the Middle East, which produces and sells hundreds of carpets in various designs, e.g.  Embossed flower models with 500, 700, 1000, 1200 and 15000 reeds in different models and patterns. Each of these designs has its unique beauty, drawing peoples’ attention all over the world.

All Roseland carpets are woven in dimensions of 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 meters, as well as customized ones. Lint-free, non-allergic, abrasion resistance and warranty are important features of Roseland carpets as it produces all types of carpets in the form of round, oval and rectangular.

Embossed flower carpets (reeds1200)

This model creates a three-dimensional mode due to the its embossed and debossed design and is known as the most beautiful machine-woven carpet. 1200reeds, high resolution, quality of design, the use of 100% acrylic heat-set yarn and hand-woven are the important features of these carpets. These carpets are very strong, solid and durable with little fuzzing.



Carpets are packaged by fully-automatic machines capable of rolling different types of carpets in different sizes without manual intervention. The carpets are then wrapped in nylon and a layer of nylon or sack is placed between each carpet.